Sunday, July 5, 2009

VPUS sendoff rally and departure preparations

Friday July 3rd, the House of the Lord Church in Brooklyn was packed to the rafters with hundreds who came to give a warm sendoff to the convoy delegation. The rally featured Rev. Herbert Daughtry, City Councilperson Charles Barron, Father Luis Barrios, and others, and was wound up with a speech by Brenda Stokely that had the crowd all fired up!
Cynthia McKinney was scheduled to speak, but obviously couldn't as she is being held captive in a Zionist jail after being kidnapped during an act of piracy on the high seas. Needless to say the crowd responded heartily to demands that she and the others held captive be freed, and that all victims of Zionist abduction be released and the siege of Gaza ended! (see for regular updates).
During the day before the rally, dozens of convoy participants, as well as New Yorkers who came just to help, unloaded a huge truck at the Church full of medical supplies, then repacked it into bags and boxes for the plane. Then the next morning the truck was loaded for the airport and unloaded on arrival. In each case the collective wisdom and good cheer meant the task was finished in a fraction of the time we'd all expected. Just goes to show what a spirit of solidarity, love and struggle can do!

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