Sunday, July 5, 2009

We're in Cairo!

Just landed in Egypt. What scenery. Apartment buildings in the desert? Beautiful though. Not as beautiful as the feeling we felt whilst waiting to board at JFK watching the sea of blue Viva Palestina t shirt wearers. What a show of solidarity and support for the Palestinian people, not just by the Arab americans who travelled across the states to join us but also the black, Latino, Asian, Indian, Caucasian and Native Indians that are also with us on this amazing humanitarian convoy. The flight was amazing with everyone asking what the blue shirts were about then asking us to give them one. Not to mention it was Lamont Carolina, Community Liaison Officer for Councilman Charles Barron's, first time ever being on a plane. We filmed his first experience and will release the video later today. The feeling of joy, excitment and anxiety shows however everyone is determined to make it to Gaza and show the people they are not alone. The jersey boys have taken up security for the convoy while we new york girls handle the accomodations. At the airport we were met by Rabbi Weiss, Associated Press, Al Jazeera and the Egyptian police who by the way, are not too happy about and ruined our press conference outside the airport. We will keep you updated and report back later tonight. Pictures to follow shortly.
Nancy (existence is resistance)
Sarah (al awda)

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  1. Geat job guys..Here is Aljazeera's coverage from JFK airport (in Arabic)

    I hope i entered the URL correctly, it wont allow me to copy/paste.. I look forward to reading your entry blogs.